These are some illustrations I did for zines or collaborative projects.

KISCSOPORTOS JÁTÉKOK "Kiscsoportos játékok" is a project developed by a group of hungarian illustrators. Every week they make new versions of the poster of a movie or tv show previously chosen. They invited me to make a submission for an exhibition at Team Red agency in Budapest. The subjects were "X Files", "Shaun of the dead" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"


THE INFINITE CORPSE "The Infinite Corpse" is an online collaborative comic which has no beginning and no end. Each artist was asked to follow another artist's 3 panels with their own 3 panels. I followed the panels made by Pau Valls, you can take a look here.

DRAW HOMER! "Draw Homer!" is a fan art project promoted by Axtor and Nico Saraintaris. It consists in making versions of the character Homer Simpson, by Matt Groening. Illustrators from all over the world participated and it was fun to see all the versions of such an iconic character.

PRISON PIT In October 2012 Entrecomics made a call to illustrators to made a version of Cannibal Fuckface, the main character of "Prison Pit", the comic by Johnny Ryan. They got 120 versions and organized 2 exhibitions, in Café Molar (Madrid) and Fatbottom bookshop (Barcelona).

TATTOO THE GIRL “Tattoo the Girl” was an open project that consisted in making a tattooed version of a girl previously drawn by the organization. The project grown incredibly fast and they finally got more than 400 different tattoed girls. This is the version I did, it was selected as one of the 90 tattoed girls to be displayed at the "Tattoo the girl" exhibition in Barcelona.